We invite you into the joyful and fulfilling practice of giving at New Day. You will be supporting a ministry that shares the healing love of God. It’s your support that makes it possible!

Giving at New Day is a counter-cultural practice. We start with a recognition that the earth’s abundance comes from God, our Creator. God gives us food that grows from seeds planted in the ground, and offers us water that flows from the sky into rivers and lakes. Our lives depend on these gifts.

While the world’s economy treats them as commodities for buying and selling, God’s economy maintains a different perspective. It undoes the falsehood that a small percentage deserve to hoard resources and privilege while others struggle to survive. Just as God gives to us freely, sharing food, water, and shelter with those who don’t have enough is a way to reconnect with our divine intent– and build genuine community in the process.  

At New Day, this work forms the core of our ministry. Collectively, we aim to connect with God authentically; cross boundaries that perpetuate inequality, including race, class, sexual orientation, and age; and confront injustice with the compassion and abundance of God.

Contributions help us sustain these efforts, and allow us to grow our community in life-changing, transformative ways.

For many, the idea of giving to a church raises questions like:  

  • Where is my money going?
  • How can I give if I don’t feel stable in my own personal finances?
  • Why should I give regularly to a church at all?

These are valid questions. At New Day, we don’t want you to give through shame or guilt. Instead, we emphasize giving through the concept of abundance, with the belief that investing in our community benefits us all. See answers to each of the questions above here.

Have more questions? Simply call us at (917) 669-5803 or email us at newdaybronx@gmail.com– we’ll be happy to answer them.