40 Days of Prayer: Lisa's Prayer

Dear God,

I'm not sure what to say. 

On the night that man got elected, I raised my hands in the dark and pledged allegiance to you and you alone. 

I remembered that I never belonged to this nation anyway. 

I remembered I was yours and that you'd already warned us about this

I remembered you called us to fearless love, and that empire would find this threatening. 

I felt I knew what had to be done. 

But God, it's not even a week later and I'm already forgetting. 

Not about the powers and principalities–

They've only made their terror more and more known. 

No. I'm forgetting the clarity I had about belonging to you.

There are so many distractions

And so much to fear,

But in the depths of my being I do know

That even when I want to yell and scream

Or ask for an explanation of where exactly you are

It's you, 

Stirring in my soul  

Calling me by name

Asking that we be bolder, larger, more of who you've created us to be

You beg us to rise up and break chains– you promise we already have the power.  

And we belong to you. 

Come now, God. 

Pour your Spirit out on your people.  

And be with us,